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Presidential Power

From Drones to Drachms By Michael McCullough From the very beginning of the Republic, Americans have always delighted in accusing their chief magistrate of having totalitarian ambitions. With extraordinary derisiveness, every president since FDR has been called a “fascist” for … Continue reading

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Ownership Cui bono

American  Law and Claims to Cultural Property By Michael McCullough There are so many important questions that people who write about cultural property issues never get around to asking. Fascinated as we all are to know the curious circumstance of … Continue reading

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Writing a Wrong

New York Changes its Laws to Protect Artists By Michael McCullough In an interview in 1976 with Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel , the great dealer Leo Castelli said, “[t]he function of an art dealer, well, can be various; certainly, a good art … Continue reading

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